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The products we present here use our testers in their daily lives. Every product is tested for its suitability for everyday use. Some test products will then be compared with competitors in real-life. However, in some comparative tests, our test product is compared only in theory with other competing products. The type of test or comparison is given in each test report.

Here you can find tests of products that our testers bought and used themselves. If a product has been provided by a manufacturer, by or others, it is expressly pointed out.

Review - Ulefone Note 8P smartphone Android 10 - experiences - ©

Review - Ulefone Note 8P smartphone Android 10 - experiences

Start of our "Smartphones under 100 €" test series

With the Ulefone Note 8P, we start our test series of inexpensive Android smartphones. I am very curious to find out what kind of smartphone performance you can get in 2020 for, in this case, just under 60 euros.

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Test - CUBOT Note 7 smartphone Android 10 - experiences

Test - CUBOT Note 7 smartphone Android 10 - experiences

Second mobile phone in our "Smartphones under 100 €" test series

The CUBOT Note 7 mobile phone has to undergo our critical tests as the second test device in our "Smartphones under 100 euros" test. After the first competitor (the Ulefone Note 8P here in the test) has done astonishingly well (with expected drawbacks), I am very curious to see how the Cubot cell phone will do for around 70 euros.
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Medisana RM 100 FFP2 / KN 95 Respiratory Protection mask

certified mouthguard in the everyday test

After testing two different mouth and nose protective masks that we ordered directly from China, this time we ordered an FPP2 mask directly from Amazon, which also has a readable and real decifact comes. The Medisana RM 100 respirator of the class FFP2 / KN 95 is not cheap. You can find out whether it is worth the money in this test.
Buy the Medisana RM 100 mask at here
Hylogy inhaler - ©

Hylogy inhaler / nebulizer

Cheap nebulizer with battery in the Reallife Test

Who can't remember it from the past? Sweating with a towel over his head over a pot of hot water. I remember it very well. Ultrasonic nebulizers did not exist for home use at this time. You had to go to the doctor for such inhalation methods. Today, there are nebulizer devices at very low prices to buy at amazon or your local shops. Anyone with children who are susceptible to respiratory disease will quickly become friends with one of these devices. At least that's how it was with us. Before this autumn / winter we have upgraded again.
LED night light with motion detector OMERIL LED light - 2 pieces - ©

Omeril nightlight

Satisfaction all along the line

Did not we already have that? Yes, that's right. Until recently these LED night lights were still called Techole and we already have 3 of them in operation. The Omeril LED lights are identical to the already tested LED night lights with the "Techole" label. They are also rechargeable via USB and have a well-functioning motion sensor installed.
IGERESS LCD writing board - ©

IGERESS LCD writing board

The electronic notebook to rewrite.

We try to stay tuned to find the optimal electronic writing pad. Now that we've tested some LCD writing boards, it's time for the 9 inch LCD tablet from IGERESS. Visually it reminds, with the somewhat thickened upper edge, a little of the rip model from Boogie board. The IGERESS LCD writing boards are available in different sizes (8.5 ", 9" and 12.9 "), colors (red, black, white, pink, light blue), with a monochrome shade or colorful and in different designs.

Techole LED nightlight

No more down the stairs in the dark

To stumble without light through the apartment is already dangerous, if you also have a staircase in the apartment or in the house, the whole is still a step more unpleasant. What helps? There are several ways to prevent this, such as simply switching on the normal lighting. However, my eyes do not like this, because it is very bright.
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