Test - Pokibot, the mini robot from Silverlit

A Pokibot - small and funny

A Pokibot - small and funny - ©

The little Pokibot by Silverlit is a funny bauble. Our two children have a lot of fun with the small family addition. The Pokibot also has some weaknesses, which I would like to discuss here a little bit.

We already have enough toys. But what should one do if the 2 1/2 year old is in the head and absolutely wants to have a robot? Sure, go in search of a cheap toy robot. With the Pokibot in purple with about 15 euros we were then quickly found. So now in the shopping cart and wait if our son is satisfied with it. I can anticipate the result right away: yes, he is thrilled.

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Put the Pokibot into operation - ©

Put the Pokibot into operation

To test the Pokibot, you first have to loosen a small screw on the back and insert 1 AAA battery. The designation in the user manual AAA button cells is of course nonsense, the indication AA batteries on the Amazon side is also wrong. Once done, simply move the small switch on the back from bottom to top and place the small Pokibot robot on a flat surface. Bumps like the Pokibot not so much, he falls around pretty quickly.
The control of the Pokibot - ©

The control of the Pokibot

Simple but not reliable

The Pokibot can, theoretically, at least, easily control. Once he claps or knocks, he plays one of the stored voice recordings. If you clap or knock 3 times, the Pokibot moves or dances. It does not always work, but it does not really bother the kids, it probably resembles them too much. They do not always do what mom and dad want them to do.
Creating voice recordings is really easy. Just press the button on the robot head and speak for a confirmation tone. The Pokibot then picks up until it is quiet or the 8 seconds maximum time is up. There are always stored three voice recordings. If you pick up a new one, the oldest one will fly out of the store. The recordings are then distorted, which is great fun for the kids.

The operation via the app leaves a lot to be desired. First, nowhere is it explained exactly how it should work, and secondly, the Pokibot rarely does what it is supposed to do. The control of the Pokibot is done by simple sound commands. So first turn up the speaker of the smartphone and then keep close to the Pokibot. Depending on the command, the mobile phone then plays a variety of acoustic control commands. As I said, it does not always work for us, but maybe we have just caught a recalcitrant copy here.
The right battery for the Pokibot - ©

Update: The right battery for the Pokibot

1 mal AAA und es läuft

As already mentioned, the Pokibot needs a piece of AAA batteries to go into operation. Here's the proof photo. So have fun with the little friend.
More information about the Pokibot - ©

More information about the Pokibot

According to manufacturer or Amazon product description, the Pokibot has 118g and a dimension of 5.7 x 11.4 x 15.2 cm and is suitable from 3 years. The model number is 88529. The required batteries are not included, but can be ordered for example under this link AmazonBasics Performance Batteries Alkaline, AAA, 36 pieces or as a rechargeable version here AmazonBasics Pre-charged Ni-MH AAA batteries 8 pieces. The Pokibot is available in a wide variety of colors and is mostly made of plastic. The reviews of the buyers are not very numerous: There are at the time of writing this text exactly 2 reviews on the German Amazon side, one with 3 stars and one with 4 stars. No top rating, but not the worst. A test, for example, on pollutants, as it often offers Stiftung Warentest, there is currently not.

The control of the Pokibot robot from Silverlit

Watch this video for control of the Pokibot. Does not always work, but with a little practice then quite reliable.
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Change the battery of the Pokibot robot

Here's how easy it is to change the Pokibot robot's AAA battery.
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