Test - Baby bath seat by Rotho Babydesign

Safe sitting in the bathtub for the little ones

Test - Baby bath seat by Rotho Babydesign - ©

The little or the little one wants to big sibling in the big tub? The little bath tub is not right for the baby anymore?

This is where a very simple sitting aid for the baby helps, in this case the real-life test: The Baby Bath Seat by Rotho Baby Design in the color gray / white / apple green with practical flip-up handle and four strong suction cups for the right hold in the large bath ,

The bath seat in the baby bath. - ©

The bath seat in the baby bath.

Easy attachment with suction cups

The attachment of the seat is also baby-light. Just place the seat in the empty or already sunken tub and press firmly on top of it, the seat is already sitting bombproof, it can be maximally still, by relatively large force, move, pulling out or loosening is hardly possible.
The attachment of the bathtub seat - ©

The attachment of the bathtub seat

Large suction cups for a perfect fit

The suction cups are very large, so that the seat really holds bombproof in the tub. The practical test with a very lively child aged 7 months to just over one year was successfully completed. There was not a single case of very intesive use, where even a suction cup would have solved.
The small tabs on the sides let the parent having service then simply remove the seat from the bathtub.
Hinged handle of bathtub seat - ©

Hinged handle of bathtub seat

For easier entry and exit

The front part of the upper ring of the baby seat can be folded forward by pressing the 2 small levers on the underside. This is to facilitate easier boarding or easier removal of the child. We've never used this function before, that's how the little guy actually did it without any problems. The function may be useful for others, for us it was not really an added value, but it does not bother.
The most important warnings - ©

The most important warnings

Actually, of course, but here also in pictogram form

What should be clear by itself, here for all again in easy to understand pictures. Never let the child out of your sight! Furthermore, there is only the Rotho logo on the front, which is a bit blurry here, but does not affect the function in any way.
Further information in detailed form on the back - ©

Further information in detailed form on the back

Water temperature, water depth etc.

At the back there is another hint, which things still have to be considered.
  • The seat is not suitable for children under 6 months
  • The maximum water depth is determined by a mark on the side
  • An indication that drowning is possible even at a depth of 2 cm
  • The water temperature should be between 37 and 38 degrees Celsius (98.6 - 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit)

Text is still noted, always follow the instructions and warnings on the underside to observe. The water temperature should of course be checked before each bath.
The hints at the bottom are missing however.
Bath seat for baby - bottom view - ©

Bath seat for baby - bottom view

The four powerful suckers

A few facts about the baby seat:
  • non-slip seat
  • without bisphenol A
  • for children from 7-16 months to 13 kilograms
  • Ring inside dimensions 21 x 24 cm
  • made of recyclable polypropylene
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