Review - Dilwe Bike Sweat Guard - experiences

Review - Dilwe Bike Sweat Guard - experiences

Anyone who has ridden a bike for the first time will find that the sweat not only flows freely, but often drips onto the bike. Then the salty crust sticks to the frame of the beloved torture instrument.

While we are relieved of this problem with rides in the great outdoors, wind and sun, we are faced with a problem in the indoor bike area. What is the best way to protect your bike from corrosive sweat?

Of course a towel. Unfortunately, it tends to slip. So not exactly the "(Sch) Wisdom" final conclusion. That's why we are testing the Dilwe Bike Sweat Guard today.

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Review - Dilwe Bike Sweat Guard - experiences

Material and assembly

The quality is right.

The Dilwe sweat catcher consists of a neoprene-like fabric and is sewn with mesh. A Velcro fastener ensures quick mounting on the handlebar. The rear part is pulled over the saddle with a rubber loop and attached to the saddle post.
At first glance, the Dilwe Bike sweat catcher makes a valuable impression. All seams are well processed and no unpleasant plastic smell gets into the nose.
The assembly is almost self-explanatory.

Due to the elastic fit, it can be adapted to different frame sizes, but only to a limited extent, as there is no adjustment option.

The first step is to pull the rubber loop over the saddle around the saddle post, then place the sweat catcher around the handlebars and fasten with the Velcro straps. Then you can tighten a little. But it wasn't necessary for my bike (size 54). If it is too loose, simply tighten the elastic with a knot.
Review - Dilwe Bike Sweat Guard - experiences

Let's go: the Dilwe Bike Sweat Guard in action

I find the width optimal, you don't touch your knees and nothing is in the way. The sweat-absorbing effect is really very good. But if you really sweat extremely, it can still be an advantage to have a towel handy. After almost 2 hours of training without a fan, even the Dilwe kneels and the first drops of sweat seep through.
The sweat catcher should only be washed by hand. It's not a big hassle. It dries again very quickly and well after the next use it will probably be soaked with sweat again, but that is his job.

I deliberately opted for a model without a smartphone holder, as I find this feature totally unnecessary and I usually sit on the roller trainer with a tablet.

So this is not a point of criticism for me.

Our test result - very good

Bike sweat catcher

The Dilwe Bike Schweissfänger is a really useful accessory for all indoor bikers.

Installation is child's play and at a price below 15 euros, the Dillwe is significantly cheaper than other branded products from "Tacx" or "Elite".
It impresses with its high-quality workmanship and optimum width on racing bikes and mountain bikes.

Only an adjustment option in length would be nice.

My sweaty forehead envies the dry frame and therefore a clear purchase recommendation.

Brand / manufacturer: Dilwe
Our rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
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