Review - GripGrab Hi-Vis waterproof winter cycling gloves - experience report

Warm hands when cycling, even in winter

On a wonderful summer day in July I rode my bike to the lake to enjoy a wonderful day of swimming.

Well it could be that simple, but the truth is very different!

It's November 25th and my thermometer shows a frosty 1.2 ° C. These are not exactly the best prerequisites for an outdoor product test unless, as in my case, it is about the waterproof knitted thermal cycling gloves by Gripgrab. One thing should be said right away - with these gloves, cold and numb fingers are a thing of the past.

I know that cycling in winter, whether with a racing bike or MTB, can be a lot of fun. But I also know the feeling when after 10 minutes of driving your fingers look clammy, cold and asleep and you wish you would rather have stayed at home on the roll. That's why I've always wanted to test a good, but also affordable winter glove.

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Hello, I'm Kristan and I test bike products for you.

From winter socks to chain oil. I am passionate about racing and mountain biking. Whether in summer at 35 degrees or in winter at -10 degrees. In between, I still struggle at home on my roller trainer. I test the products for you in real use on the road and in the forest, whatever the weather. I hope I can help you choose the right equipment.
This article was created by: Kristan Kreishuber from the team

What i expect ...

and what the GripGrap gloves offer me.

There are cycling gloves in stores like sand on the sea (where we would be again for a day at the lake). There are no limits in terms of price or quality. Even with the properties of the various manufacturers, there are almost endless possibilities of what a glove must or should be able to do. From windproof to breathable, etc.
Of course it is difficult to decide which product to use. That's why I thought about what properties a really good winter glove should have for me. After all, I don't want to spend the few hours of daylight in winter worrying about gloves, but rather ride my bike.

For me, the following points were crucial:

Isolation / wind protection
Grip feeling
Moisture protection
Visibility / color
After doing some research on the internet I came across the GRIPGRAB - Waterproof Knitted Thermal Glove - gloves.

According to the manufacturer, these gloves meet all criteria that are decisive for my test.
I decided on the color HI-VIS (neon yellow) in size M-L.

First impression after opening: a neon yellow woolen glove with simple rubber applications on the palm and a few small reflectors on the fingertips.

Could this glove convince me? The test will tell.

Our test result

Waterproof winter cycling gloves

As mentioned at the beginning, I started on a cold, foggy November morning. So perfect test conditions for the gloves.

And in fact, I was not disappointed. After 2 hours of driving at a maximum of 2 degrees, the gloves were completely convincing.
Now to my test criteria mentioned above.

Isolation and wind protection: My fingers felt completely warm and dry after the 2 hour drive. 10 out of 10 points

Grip feeling: in spite of the rather thick wool, every switching and braking process was smooth as butter. Very secure grip on the handlebar. No touchscreen function on the fingers. So smartphone or navigation system operation not possible. 8 out of 10 points.

Moisture protection: since it didn't rain on my test day, I can't say much about that. That's why I just put the glove on for 5 minutes under the hand shower and I'm thrilled 100% waterproof. 10 out of 10 points

Visibility: The color hi-vis neon yellow is particularly well visible in winter and fog and can also be seen well from oncoming traffic at a greater distance. 10 out of 10 points

Price: at just under 50 euros, the GRIPGRAB - Waterproof Knitted Thermal Glove - is in the middle of the field compared to other brands. 9 out of 10 points.

Conclusion: a really great winter glove that hits the black with its good visibility, wonderful wind and heat insulation. Great grip despite the rather thick feel, perfect and by no means slippery. The shower test also impressed me.

The only weakness: not compatible with touchscreens. In times like these, it would be unthinkable for many. For me it doesn't really matter, after all, I want to cycle and nothing else!

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