Angmno LCD writing tablet in review - Cheap LCD tablet

Good function does not have to be expensive.

Angmno LCD writing tablet in review - ©

Of course, the angmno LCD eWriter offers only the minimum of features available on LCD writing boards. It is a simple writing and drawing on the liquid crystal display possible, as well as the deletion of the same. Other features such as screen lock or a delete lock or even a memory function are missing, which is not to be expected at this price.

The packing set promises the following:
paperless - for business people, designers, engineers, teachers and doctors.
Love your family, enjoy your life: As a family message board, can be placed on the table and desk.
Good helper for students: notes, drafts and scientific equations to solve mathematical problems.
A win from the beginning: learning simple writing for children, developing painterly skills. Simple, clean and interesting.
Unspoken words: Easy and easy to transport and can be recycled. Can help deaf people communicate.

Pretty big words for a 10 euro gadget. Whatever can be kept, we show you in this test.

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Angmno LCD writing tablet in review - ©

The functions of the angmno LCD writing tablet

The following functins are offered according to the text on the back of the packaging:
- Delete button
- Pen holder (pen included)
- Durable, shatterproof plastic LCD
- exchangeable batteries
- Extra thin, only 4.5mm thick
- Pressure sensitive writing surface
What functions does not the angmno digital notebook have? Features such as saving content or synchronizing content are not possible. But at this price is not surprising. A lock of unintentional deletion is unfortunately not possible. Even the partial deletion of content is not possible. This function is still quite rare with the LCD tablets and only possible with higher priced models.
Angmno LCD writing tablet in review - ©
We can confirm these qualities. The LCD writing board is extremely thin and light. The LCD eWriter weighs just 96 grams with external dimensions of approximately 22cm x 14.3cm and a writing surface of 17.5cm x 12.5cm. The battery is changeable, the opening of the battery compartment is a bit awkward. But since the battery should last for over 2 years, this function will probably not be needed too often.
The pin has a good hold in the holder and has never fallen unintentionally to the present time. The delete button is located at the top in the middle and works perfectly. The LCD panel fits well in the hand and has already survived several crashes without a trace.
Angmno LCD writing tablet in review - ©

The comparison: angmno LCD tablet to Mafiti LCD eWriter

Small size differences and better contrast.

Compared to another review unit, the Mafiti LCD writing board, the angmno is a little smaller and the brightness of the lines or font is slightly higher. Thus, the readability of this LDC panel is a bit better.
Angmno LCD writing tablet in review - ©

Update (after 2 weeks) - Unfortunately, a malfunction

The digital note sheet unfortunately went back.

Unfortunately, we had to return the LCD tablet. As you can see in the picture, one of the drawings has "burnt in" the display. Branded now not in the sense as you know it in monitors or TVs. The drawing can be deleted, but then dives when writing or draw again and again. Of course it is not nice. The return on Amazon was as always easy and fast.
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