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cheap and quite good.

In-ear headphones, Blukar noise-canceling earphones - ©

In our test series "Cheap in-ear headphones under 30 euros" we have just the next test product on our test table. The test candidate from Blukar is one of the bestsellers on Amazon and is located in the very cheap range at around 12 euros.

In this test you can read what the headphones from Blukar bring in the test, how they sound and how 12 Euro headphones work in everyday life.

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In-ear headphones from Blukar - the product data in detail

  • Color: black / gray
  • Modell: KM-9201-EP-BK-ODZ
  • Amazon ASIN: B07QLWMDLC
  • microphone: Built in
  • Driver: 4 * 1.3mm
  • Connection: 3.5 mm jack
  • Length: ca. 120 cm
  • Impedance: 32 +/- 15% ohms
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB +/- 3dB
  • Frequency range: 20-20 kHz

The headphones in the test

The delivery includes the headphones, a transport bag, a total of 3 attachments, a cable holder and an instruction manual.
You can not hide it completely, the first impression is a little "cheaper" than with the other headphones that we have tested so far (Klim Fusion, Ludos Clamor), but in the expected range.

I tested the earphones with the largest attachments again. So they sit very well in the ear and they are extremely light. And above all: they are very loud! Below you will find exact measurement results.

The connector is not angled and I'm afraid this could be the weak point of the Blukar headphones. However, I will now test the headphones for a few days and especially not treat them gently during transport. Just like I treated the other test products. Rolled up in your jacket pocket or simply carried loose in a backpack. If there is any damage, I will report it here immediately.

The cable for the earphones is quite thin compared to the other in-ear headphones that we have tested so far. Therefore, they are more likely to be affected by knots. At the price, but an acceptable disadvantage.

The sound is also ok, good bass, soft midtones and fairly clean, but very loud highs. A cheap alternative as replacement headphones or for sports.
Measurement with the sound level meter from Meterk - ©

Volume measurement

Test setup: smartphone (a Moto G6 Plus) was set to full volume. It was tested with the following song "Stop Waiting by Infected Rain". The maximum sound level was measured.

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Measuring device: Cadrim digital sound level meter
Max. measured volume: 94.1 dBA

Measuring device: sound level meter from Meterk
Max. measured volume: 100.2 dBA !!

Measuring device: Digital sound level meter from eecoo
Max. measured volume: 99.1 dBA

All photos of the Blukar headphone test

The Blukar in-ear headphones in the video

The Blukar In-Ears in the video. Here you can watch me unpacking the Blukar in-ear headphones;)
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