Boogie board rip review - LCD writing board with memory function

The rip from Improv Electronics was the first of its kind

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Anyone who, like us, is enthusiastic about LCD writing boards, will soon want more. Namely the texts, sketches or works of art that are written and drawn on the LCD screen to save. And not just by photographing, but directly on the device. Again, the pioneer and inventor of LCD tablets, Improv Electronics (founded by Kent Displays), once again had the edge. Soon after the first LCD writing tablets, a version with memory function was launched, the digital notepad with memory function. The boogie board tested here rip.

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General information about the boogie board rip

Digital LCD notepad, writing almost like on paper

The Boogie Board rip has a bit more controls than the simple LCD writing boards we've tested so far, but it also takes away a bit of its simplicity. On the side is a small slide switch for the delete lock. Above the display are the status LED, the delete button and the button for saving or "waking up" the tablet.
The rip has a drawing diagonal of about 21 cm or 9.5 inches, which is very insensitive and easy to clean. On the side there is also the micro-USB port, which allows the transfer of the stored data via USB. The boogie board rip has in contrast to the simpler models no battery but a rechargeable battery. This is also charged via the USB cable.
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Draw on the boogie board rip by pen

Pen is in the holder at the top.

Also on the boogie board rip can be drawn with virtually any object. However, the notes can only be saved if they are written with the front of the supplied stylus. If you write with the back or, for example, a pen of another LCD writing tablet, these are visible on the display but are not saved.
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Specifications of the Boogie Board rip

  • Manufacturer: Improv Electronics
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Dimensions measured: 28.1cm x 17.9cm (30cm x 2.5cm x 19.8cm according to Amzon)
  • Display size measured: 20.2cm x 14cm
  • Color: Black
  • Model Number (Amazon): PR01105GRYA0000
  • Model number (rear of device): WT11151
  • ASIN: B005ZPZ5XW
  • In the Amazon offer since: 20. December 2011

The boogie board rip - the review

Higher weight, good writing feeling.

The digital notepad sits well in the hand, the lines produced by the included pen are very fine and the pressure sensitivity is very good. The price difference to the cheap models you also notice in the contrast or the readability. It's a bit better on the boogie board than the angmno and mafiti boards, for example.
Saving is also very easy, but you have to be careful to activate the board before writing. The deletion lock must be deactivated and the tablet be put into a state of alert by means of the Wake button. You can see that the LCD tablet is activated by the status LED, which then always lights up green when writing. Whenever the LED lights when writing, the content is loaded into the buffer. For example, if you paint with the back of the pen, this does not happen and the non-illumination of the LED indicates it. When the note or drawing is ready, the content must still be saved using the save button. Saving is quick and is indicated by the save button. Now the content on the display can be deleted again, it is already safe as a PDF in the memory of the tablet. The internal memory is 8 MB, which can hold up to 200 notes and drawings.

User manual for the Boogie Board rip
You can watch the Boogie Board rip Manual here:
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