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Store all keys practically in a carbon case.

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On the right the thick wallet, on the left a plethora of keys jingling and poking in the trouser pocket? Who knows does not know that? I think because of the mostly missing handbag know this problem, especially men. I too would like order in my pants, at least on the keychain. Often I have been proposed on Amazon various key cases and key organizer. When this time The Carbocage Keycage was offered in Lightning Deals.

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Packaging and construction manual

Compact and space-saving, easy to open.

The Keycage with the 2 carbon discs is delivered in a simple plastic bag. In the box next to it are screws in various lengths, spacers and the matching Allen key and a carbon eyelet for car keys or other larger or bulky keys. Inside the box that holds the bag together is the manual.
The screws are available in pairs in lengths of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm and 22mm. This should supposedly accommodate up to 14 keys in the Carbocage Keycage.
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That's what CARBOCAGE KEYCAGE is all about

Many screws, spacers and washers

Here again in detail all screws and spacers. Incidentally, the carbon eyelet is the same design as the Cage. Now it's time to assemble.
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The first keys come in the frame.

Planning is half the life.

The first two keys find place in the cage. You should make sure that the keys fit nicely together as in the picture. Two larger keys of recent design have not found space and so had a smaller key in the front row.
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First problems with the CARBOCAGE KEYCAGE

The key does not fit.

After the first space problems, I immediately came to the next. The Mul-T-Lock key has too small an opening, so it could not be attached to the supplied screws. So this key is probably a candidate for the supplied carbon eyelet. We will see.
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It continues with matching keys

You have to readjust.

Once the Mul-T-Lock key had to go aside, more keys found their way into the cage. Also, these did not find perfect place but with some spacers and patience soon the right arrangement of the keys was found in the carbocage. The key with the black plastic keyring was also a problem canidate but was then mounted.
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Small key, small hole

The last ones have to stay outside.

Unfortunately, the somewhat smaller key from the Abus bike lock does not fit and had to stay outside like another small key of a padlock. The assembly is a bit fiddly, as I repeatedly fall out the screws, keys, disks. After a few attempts I found the optimal technique for me. Always keep one side closed and only exchange keys on the other side and then vice versa.
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All (matching) keys installed. Car key on the carbon eyelet

One big and two little ones can not join.

As you can see on the picture, the mismatched keys like the very bulky key of my Renault fit quite well on the carbon eyelet. Everything looks pretty neat. Now, however, the Keycage must first pass the test in practice and unlock a lock.
The unfolding of the keys works quite well. The middle keys are a little harder to get out but with a little practice that should work well in everyday life. It is probably helpful to place the frequently used keys in the outer positions, if possible depending on the design.

So now the test unfortunately comes to a sudden end. First key unfolded and off to the lock. Now, unfortunately, the bulky car key wedged to such an extent that the locking itself is very difficult.

Since I have spent more time and nerves for the assembly than planned, this is probably the end. So everything apart again, pack nicely and back to Amazon. A pity, I would have liked to finally have found a suitable container for my keys. But it has something good, too. After the trial, there was a bit more order on my 0815 keychain.
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