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Children's headphones, Mpow CH6 - in two color variations - ©

If your children start listening to their own music or start listening to radio plays, children's songs or the like and want to do it in peace, or if two children cannot agree on a radio play, headphones are a perfect solution. Due to the sensitivity of children's ears, special children's headphones with volume limitation are recommended. You can read general information on this topic here. Children's headphones - headphones with special functions.

Since we already have 2 children with their own taste in music or radio play, I immediately ordered the Mpow children's headphones in two different colors. In this test you will find out which functions the headphones offer specifically for children from Mpow and whether they work as promised.

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Mpow CH6 Kinderkopfhörer, die Produktdaten im Detail

Color: black, purple, blue, dark blue, green, pink or black-blue
Manufacturer reference: MPBH297A-L
Model: Mpow CH6
Volumelimitation: 85 dBA and 94 dBA
Built-in microphone
Extra: music sharing function (headphone jack on the right earphone)
Driver: 40 mm
3.5 mm jack connection
Cable length: approx. 120 cm
Impedance: 31 +/- 15% ohms
Max. Input power: 50 mW
Distortion: <3%
Frequency range: 20-20 kHz
Children's headphones, Mpow CH6 - the volume limiter - ©

The headphones in the test

The headphones come in a simple cardboard box without any additional accessories. But you don't need it either. The children's headphones make a very good impression both visually and haptically. The surface feels soft, not like cheap plastic. The earphones are well padded and the temple also has a soft pad.
The headphones can be folded in and are therefore perfect to carry. The size can be adjusted by approx.2.5 cm on both sides and should fit almost every head, even smaller adult heads. They are comfortable to wear for on-ear headphones and simply look good.

The cable is on the left side, on the right side is the headphone jack, to which another headphone can be connected for listening. There is a start / stop button on the cable as well as the volume limit switch. This has two settings: 85 dBA and 94 dBA.

This function also does a good job and limits the maximum volume of the headphones. The cable itself is covered with nylon (or similar) and therefore does not knot easily.

So far we are completely satisfied. I will deliver an update about the durability.

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Children's headphones, Mpow CH6 - with sound level meter - ©

Volume measurement

Test setup: smartphone (a Moto G6 Plus) was set to full volume. It was tested with the following song "Stop Waiting by Infected Rain". The maximum sound level was measured.
Measuring device: Cadrim digital sound level meter
85 dB setting: max. measured volume => 75.5 dBA
94 dB setting: max. measured volume => 82.4 dBA

Measuring device: sound level meter from Meterk
85 dB setting: max. measured volume => 77.9 dBA
94 dB setting: max. measured volume => 83.4 dBA

Measuring device: Digital sound level meter from eecoo
85 dB setting: max. measured volume => 83.7 dBA
94 dB setting: max. measured volume => 85.7 dBA

Product Description - Mpow CH6 - A headphone for children

Mpow is a company that specializes in the manufacture of headphones and headsets. The company is still relatively unknown, but the product range is still extensive.

With the Mpow CH6, Mpow offers headphones that are specially tailored to the needs of children.
The headphones come in many happy colors. There is a suitable color combination for boys and girls of all ages. Between sporty-stylish for boys and classic pink for girls, almost every wish for a child is fulfilled here.

The Mpow CH6 is generously padded on the ears and on the top of the head with soft pillows to ensure maximum comfort. Thanks to the adjustable headband, the headphones fit for children of all ages and grow with them. The headphones can be easily folded up and easily stowed in bags and backpacks. This makes it the ideal companion at school, during sports and when traveling.

Mpow CH6 can not only play music, but can also be used as a headset for making calls. The built-in HD microphone supports hands-free talking with friends or family.

The Mpow CH6 is easily connected to the 3.5mm jack. On the one hand, this is a bit old-fashioned, on the other hand, it eliminates the annoying charging of batteries that are required for wireless headphones. Another advantage is the unlimited runtime. Connection problems or dropouts in the transmission can also not occur thanks to the cable connection. Thanks to the 3.5 mm jack connection, the headphones can be used universally on almost any device. Only a few smartphones will need an adapter for connection.

However, the real highlight of the headphones is the limitation of the maximum volume. Children cannot yet estimate when they will damage their hearing through volume. Mpow has come up with a very sensible regulation of the maximum volume. Parents can set the maximum volume using a switch on the headphone volume control. There are two levels to choose from, which limit the volume to 85 dB or 94 dB. In environments with normal ambient noise, the volume should be limited to 85 dB. This ensures that the children's hearing is not damaged. In this setting, children can enjoy their music all day long. If it gets louder outside, the switch can be set to a maximum of 94 dB. With this volume, children can hear clearly even in noisy environments. In order not to damage your hearing, this setting should not be used for more than two hours a day.

Mpow wants to make parents and children happy with the CH6. If you look at the reviews on Amazon, this seems to have worked well. Good comfort and sound quality are consistently reported here.

All photos of the child's headphone test

Mpow children's headphones with volume limit - the test verdict

So far I am very happy with the headphones. Looks good. Seems to be of good quality and the most important thing: they also like the children.

The Mpow children's headphones in the video

Here you can watch the Mpow children's headphones in moving pictures (video). What's in it, what's in it.
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