In Review - Jiusion Digital Microscope for Android Smartphones

Also usable on Windows and Mac

For the offspring, a microscope should come from, he wants to get to know the microcosm around him. For starters, it should not be too expensive, who knows how long the interest will last. So the choice fell quite fast on the digital microscope from Jiusion, which was on average rated quite well on Amazon and with a price of less than 20 euros in the "buy-us-easy-times" range.

The order was done in a few moments, as always at Amazon, and the delivery was also promised for the next day. As is often the case, I searched the reviews more carefully while waiting. A few small problems should then have the microscope but most likely owed its price. From low resolution, poor mount and functionless buttons is there talk. But I wanted to be surprised.

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Jiusion Digital Microscope in Test - Photo 2 - ©

Once unpacking please!

Package is here.

The next day, the package is already on my table, lightning fast delivery. So first read the manual. Oh no. Who needs manuals. Scan the QR code on the package with the Android smartphone and download the app of the manufacturer. The name of the app: CameraFi. But what is that? Advertising in the manufacturer app? Do I have to live with it?
Jiusion Digital Microscope in Test - Photo 3 - ©

Package contents.

Everything as promised.

Of course, the package contains the digital microscope, an OTG adapter cable for the connection to the micro USB socket of the smartphone, a microscope stand or holder and a driver CD. The ruler, which is mentioned in the Amazon description, I do not think, but is not important.
Jiusion Digital Microscope in Test - Photo 4 - ©

Get started right away.

Infected and received perfect results?

Start with the microscope in the holder, App and immerse yourself in the microscopic world of dust fluff at the desk. Not quite. The tripod is, as also described by reviewers on Amazon, a bit shaky. Very shaky actually if you take it exactly.
The picture, however, appears on the smartphone. Sharpness is needed now. This can be adjusted very well on the wheel. But now the first surprise. There are two points where the picture gets sharp. After a short search, these are the two different magnification levels. Once 40 times and once 1000 times. - ©

Lens scratched?

There is not much to see.

The 40-fold magnification works quite well. The 1000-fold magnification but something of not at all. Only the scratches on the protective cap can be seen. Already the thought comes: Immediately back with the thing. Moments later, the enlightenment, yes, cap. You could lose weight and lo and behold - the picture is better.
However, a reasonable focus is not possible with this magnification and the wobbly tripod. Finally, after some attempts, the enlightenment. The protective cap should not be removed completely, only the front lid. So it is possible to use the microscope without the tripod and to place it simply on the table. Thus, the picture can quite useful focus, sometimes in the 1000-fold magnification.

Here I have to say the same. I thought it would be possible to use a stepless magnification setting. On the packaging is also: 40x - 1000x and also in the Amazon product description is the following read: "Magnification rate: 40x-1000x". This statement is probably a bit misleading. There are as I said 2 points at which the image is sharp. The microscope does not have a zoom function, as the zoom button on the device suggests. Incidentally, this button has no function for me. It is also questionable, the indication of the magnification. 40 times expected, but 1000 times? I can not quite believe that. But here we would be back at the price. Not even 20 euros, because you can already make a few drawbacks.

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Coffee foam under the microscope - ©

Alternative app

Advertising and watermarks

The manufacturer app is so useless for me. As mentioned nicely, the "supplied" app plays out constantly advertising, which puts also very annoying above or beside controls. Shortly afterwards, I also noticed that in this app created photos a watermark is incorporated. The full version of the app can be purchased from the manufacturer. No Thanks, I can only say that. So I'm looking for an alternative. OTG View looks usable at first glance, is installed and feels good.

The next evenings were explored quite extensively the microcosm of the own apartment and some souvenirs from the last excursion. Here is an example with a watermark of the in-house app. Finally, it should be noted that the resolution is not as specified 2 megapixels. 2 megapixels should be 1600 x 1200 pixels, but the pictures are only 640 x 480 pixels.

With the app OTG View, the images are indeed 2048 x 1536th These are obviously extrapolated. Again, the price argument. Only the information should actually vote anyway.

Anyway, my son has so much fun with the microscope and he keeps talking about what else he could investigate. So we decided, despite all the weaknesses, to keep the Android microscope.

Technical specifications

Here are the details of the manufacturer: 2 megapixel image sensor | 10mm to 250mm focal length range | 40x-1000x magnification | Video format: AVI | Photo Format: JPEG, PMP | 8 LED light source | Interface: USB 2.0 | 5V DC source from USB port | Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, Andoird (not all versions)
Pistil under the microscope

Update after one week usage:

Satisfaction is rising

With a little practice, the higher zoom level works pretty well. You just have to make sure that the microscope does not slip, then best with the small magnification stage, the object centered in the image and then put on the higher level.

Here are some sample pictures

created with the app OTG View

Many hidden details are revealed. So you see many things of everyday life with very different eyes.
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