Test - Elfinbook 2.0 - experience with the smart notebook.

Review - Reusable notebook with wipeable pages.

The Elfinbook 2.0 unpacked next to the packaging and wipe - ©

We came across the reusable notebooks from Elfinbook via the path of the LCD writing boards. The advantage, it's really like real writing, with a real pen and without batteries. You can read in this test how the wipeable notebook performs in our test.

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Back of the product packaging - ©

The Elfinbook 2.0 - the first impression

Funnily enough, the packaging of the Elfinbook looks very similar to that of the LCD writing boards. White cardboard with blue-green graphic elements. The product properties are briefly listed on the front: Waterproof, reusable, scan, categorizable, magical, search, share, organize.
On the back you can find the following text:
The Elfinbook 2.0 offers the writing experience of traditional notebooks. At the same time, you can take notes with our app that are easy to search, take with you and organize.
The Elfinbook app uses image processing algorithms to automatically scan, crop and enhance images. You can also easily share and upload your notes.
In addition, the Elfinbook 2.0 has extensive functions for document management. The software uses a tree structure to classify documents. You can easily search, name, and search your documents.
We hope you will enjoy the revolutionary user experience of Elfinbook 2.0.

The product

We ordered the Elfinbook in size A5. It looks like a simple notebook with black soft cover and spiral binding. The first, yellow cover page provides brief operating instructions. This is followed by lined and unlined sheets. The Pilot's Frixion pen is in a loop on the underside. The smart notebook makes a good impression, although we would have liked a hardcover cover. But we were aware of this beforehand. The pen makes a good impression.
Writing on a sheet of Elfinbook 2.0 - ©

The writing experience with Elfinbook 2.0

As already mentioned, in contrast to the LCD writing boards that we have tested so far, you have a real pen in your hand and not just a plastic pen. The writing feeling on the rather smooth sheets is good and the color dries very quickly. But you have to give the ink a few seconds, otherwise it blurs.
The 50 sheets offer enough space to take extensive notes and texts. Half of them are provided with lines and the other half without lines. All sheets have a black frame, which the app uses for recognition.
The Elfinbook's Frixion pen - ©

Deleting or wiping away the content

With the supplied cloth (which is to be moistened), the written or drawn content can be easily deleted. You should then let the cloth dry well again. The included Frixion pen is black.
The Frixion pens are available in a wide variety of designs. As a rollerball, ballpoint pen, fiber pen or highlighter.
The OCR result of the Elfinbook app - ©

The Elfinbook app

To make the notes "durable", they should be photographed with the Elfinbook app. The app installation is quick and easy. Even when not logged in, the pages can be photographed, converted into PDFs, saved and an OCR software run over them.
However, a first problem arises when creating an account. Sending to an Austrian phone number doesn't seem to work. But there is also the possibility to send the activation code to an email address. At first we thought that this option did not work either. After a few minutes the email arrived and the registration could be completed.
With the VIP code from the Elfinbook you get a lifetime premium user membership. Without this account you have the following restrictions:
Only 2 folder levels, 3 folders in each level (Premium: unlimited)
5 documents per folder (Premium: unlimited)
5 non-categorized documents (Premium: unlimited)
30 photos per document (Premium: unlimited)
OCR results cannot be copied or edited (Premium: unlimited)
Watermark in PDF (Premium: without watermark)
Limited functions of the web version (Premium: unlimited)
no doodling (Premium: unlimited)
Documents in the trash for 7 days (Premium: 30 days)
Photographing, saving and exporting works quite well. We had no luck with the OCR function, it will probably be due to the illegible font, but we really tried;)

The Elfinbook 2.0 in the video

The Elfinbook 2.0 unboxing. We show you here what is included and what the egg parts look like.

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