Review - Wise OVO 8.5 "LCD writing board

The electronic notepad for the refrigerator or for telephone notes.

Review - Wise OVO 8.5

The next LCD eWriter we've come up with is the 8.5-inch LCD tablet from Wise OVO, and because of the consistently good customer reviews on Amazon, we expect a good electronic notebook in the LCD writing style - which the eWriter promises. What promises are kept, we show you in this test.

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Review - Wise OVO 8.5

Shipping and packaging of the eWriter

You do not have to write anything about shipping at Amazon. So everything as usual, fast and reliable was the electronic writing pad by Wise OVO at our table. The packaging consisted of a standard Amazon wrapper and a white plastic envelope in which the eWriter was in its actual packaging.
The packaging of the LCD writing board is very similar to that already tested. In the front a picture of the tablet and in the back a short list of all features. In the cardboard box is still well padded the LCD notebook and, unexpectedly and unannounced, a blue shell (I think) neoprene.

NOTE: We tested the tablet ordered from under the label "Funkprofi", it's called Wise OVO on, so we are not totally sure if the shell is included here too.
Review - Wise OVO 8.5

Function and functionality of the LCD writing tablet by Wise OVO

With extras but not all promised features.

The electronic writing pad is similar to the previously tested writing tablets. Straightforward and functional. The delete button is, as with other models also, in the middle of the upper edge. At the corner there is a lock in which a band can be attached or a stand is "constructed" by means of a pen. At the lower edge of the case is the holder for the pen.
The feel is good, understandably not quite as high as that of an original Boogie Board LCD tablet. The contrast of the eWriter is also in the usable range. Again, it is like the previous tests: The cheaper writing boards do not come up to the LCD tablets of the original, for example the Boogie Board jot 8.5 ", zoom in. For the electronic note in between, the readability on the display is quite useful.

Furthermore, there are 2 self-adhesive magnetic strips that fit exactly in the indentations on the back. This makes it the first tablet in the lower priced class to offer this feature. The magnetic tape can be easily attached and hold well on the tablet. Delighted about this feature, I wanted to "fix" the LCD notebook to our fridge. Unfortunately, the magnets are much too weak (although also marked with 3M), so that the writing board slides down quite quickly. Nothing changes on other surfaces such as the heating and the door frame. So to allow a secure magnetic attachment, I have replaced the supplied adhesive strips with these magnetic adhesive tapes with 3M brand adhesive. Then it works wonderfully.
Review - Wise OVO 8.5

Supplied neoprene sleeve for the LCD writing tablet by Funkprofi

As already mentioned, the Wise OVO LCD-eWriter includes a matching neoprene case in blue. The positive surprise of this order. The case is very tight, but also offers good protection against slipping out of the tablet. Since I have placed the tablet mainly on fridge, I will probably use the case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab, for which it fits perfectly.

It should be noted that I could not find the deletion lock described in the Amazon product description. On other models, this is a small slider on the back to prevent accidental erasure of the contents. I could not find this Schlater on this device.

NOTE: We tested the tablet ordered from under the label "Funkprofi", it's called Wise OVO on, so we are not totally sure if the shell is included here too.

All functions and features at a glance

  • erasable LCD display
  • Delete key
  • supplied stylus with holder on the tablet
  • enclosed magnetic tapes (unfortunately too weak)
  • matching neoprene sleeve
  • removable button cell battery
  • good value for money

These functions do not offer the eWriter

The following functions are found in models of the (sometimes high-priced) competition and are not available in this model:
  • Extinguishing lock
  • Partial deletion of the content
  • Save the content
  • Live transmission of content on PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Use as input device for PC and notebook

more pictures of the LCD-writing tablet

The Wise OVO LCD writing tablet in the video

Here is a short video about Funkprofi (Wise OVO) LCD eWriter
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