Review - Carbon fiber cover for the Huawei P10 lite

My experience with the shell of Simpeak

Review - Carbon fiber cover for the Huawei P10 lite - ©

Recently it was time again. A new smartphone had to, or it was imposed on me, so to speak. By extending the contract of my mobile contract, I was able to get a brand new Huawei P10 lite. Since I did not intend to cancel or change my contract, I took this opportunity and got me the Huawei P10 lite for 0 Euro. This test does not refer directly to the phone but to a case for just that. Until now I could always avoid the use of a protective cover. But since the new smartphone has escaped me several times in the first few days and had to give in to gravity (but has even survived falls on tiled floor unscathed), this time had a shell. The glass backside of the Huawei P10 lite is extremely slippery, so it became self-contained on some surfaces and crashed to the floor.

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Review - Carbon fiber cover for the Huawei P10 lite - ©

Packaging and shipping

Fast, safe, economical.

The shipping was, as usual from Amazon, again extremely fast. Ordered Monday, delivered Tuesday. The case is packed in a simple, thin cardboard box. The case contains a matching foam part instead of the smartphone.
Review - Carbon fiber cover for the Huawei P10 lite - ©

Application and protection of the case of Simpeak Premium

Praktisch und nicht allzu auftragend.

The case looks, for a case at least, quite passable and is easy to install. The case fits perfectly and makes a really good impression. The buttons on the side are concealed, but have perfectly matching covers and can be used so easily. Charging port, microphone and speakers at the bottom also have optimal recesses and are thus not limited in use. A small detail that has both an advantage and a small disadvantage: The case is slightly higher on the front than the display. So on the one hand, the display is protected when you put it on the display page, on the other hand, you have to push the edge of the case a bit, if you want to move apps to another screen. I can live very well with this restriction. You do not use this feature a dozen times a day and it is quite easy to do despite the shell.
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