Review - JBL T110 in-ear headphones - Test

Good sound for less than 10 euros, is that possible?

Close-up of JBL T110 in-ear headphones - ©

Today we have another cheap in-ear headphones to test. The JBL T110 in-ear headphones, which are usually available for less than 10 euros. After testing the Blukar in-ear headphones, which really had a very high maximum volume, we are curious to see what the JBL in-ears look like.

What about the comfort and the sound with such cheap headphones? You will learn all of this in this test.

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In-ear headphones from JBL T110 in-ear headphones by Harman - the product data in detail

  • Color: black (also available in white and blue)
  • Modell: JBLT110BLK
  • Amazon: ASINB01MG62Z5M
  • microphone: Built in
  • Connection: 3.5 mm jack
  • Frequency range: 20-20 kHz
JBL T110 in-ear headphones with control and microphone black - product packaging - ©

The JBL T110 headphones in the test

Included in the delivery: headphones and 3 attachments.
Compared to the tested In-Ears from Blukar, the headphones from JBL make a slightly higher impression, but that's purely subjective and if you take a closer look, they're actually on the same level. The cables are not round, but flat. Despite the flat design, the cables still seem to tend to knot, but this will be shown in the long-term everyday test.

As always, I tested the earpieces with the largest attachments, so I get the best results in the bass range. Changing the attachments was not easy, they are very difficult to put on. But then you have a very firm hold for it. The hold in the ears is almost perfect, does not press and does not fall out.

The connection is slightly angled and makes a stable impression. The control element is attached to the right earphone cable and the start / stop control works perfectly. The microphone is also built in here.

What does the JBL T110 sound like? I have to say: very good. They shield outside noise very well due to the good fit and also the sound cannot be faulted. The bass is convincing, the treble alone may be a little too much in the background at low volumes. At higher volumes this changes and the treble is almost a little too strong and annoying. At a medium everyday volume, the sound is quite balanced, with a slight bass heaviness. But nothing that you can't cope with at this price.

And what about durability? As already described, all parts make a very good impression (for just under 10 euros), both from the material and the processing. As with the other tests, we will provide a durability test here as soon as the JBL by Harman headphones have been in use for a little longer.

The controls: With the control on the right earphone cable, which consists of a single button, songs can be paused and started, as well as jumping to the next song with a double press.
JBL T110 in-ear headphones for volume measurement - ©

Volume measurement

Test setup: smartphone (a Moto G6 Plus) was set to full volume. It was tested with the following song "Stop Waiting by Infected Rain". The maximum sound level was measured.

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Measuring device: Cadrim digital sound level meter
Max. measured volume: 88.3 dBA

Measuring device: sound level meter from Meterk
Max. measured volume: 85.6 !!

Measuring device: Digital sound level meter from eecoo
Max. measured volume: 92.2 dBA

All photos of the JBL T110 headphone test

JBL T110 headphones - the test verdict

The wired in-ear headphones from JBL (by Harman) make an all-round impression. The processing is right and the sound knows how to convince in the price-sound ratio. Especially the comfort and the fit in the ear can convince.

The JBL T110 headphones in the video

Die JBL T110 Kopfhöre In-Ears im Video. Hier kannst du mir beim Auspacken der In-Ear Kopfhörer von JBL by Harman zusehen ;) 
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