Test - Ludos Clamor in-ear headphones - experience with the yellow sound plugs

In-ear earphones with great sound in 8 different colors.

Ludos in-ear headphones Clamor yellow - ©

After my cheap-for-on-the-go Sony headphones have recently given up their ghost or the sound on the right earphone, new ones were needed. After a short Amazon review research I ended up with the yellow Clamor in-ear headphones from Ludos. Found, ordered, delivered - all within two days. Now comes the test, which is a short experience report after the first day.

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The purchase decision for the Ludos Clamor headphones

Why did I choose Ludos in-ear headphones? First of all to explain why it has to be an in-ear model: for on the go. Other headphones (PC - on-ear from Sony with noise canceling and TV over-ear from AKG) have already found their way onto the PC in the office or possibly at home with a television. In a backpack or in other containers on the go, these models are too big and impractical for me.
That is why I have been using in-ear models for years, actually forever. Here, too, I had various models from different manufacturers, from no-name to AKG and JVC to Sony. I was happy with most of them, but never that I had to have the same model again. So I always preferred to try a new model. A tester through and through.

I actually wanted the headphones in red, but they weren't available right now. Black is too common for me and white for Apple. So I chose the yellow version. The delivery from Amazon came 2 days later and the headphones were already unpacked.

Technical data of the Ludos in-ear headphones

Impedance 32 Ω ± 15%
Sensitivity92 dB to 1 kHz
Sound pressure92 ± 3 dB
Frequency range 20 Hz - 20000 Hz
Plug 3.5 mm
Cable length 120 (± 5) cm
Color black, white, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, red
Additional microphone with 3 buttons, reinforced cable, transport box, transport bag, a total of 4x2 attachments (1x2 memory foam)

The sound of Ludos in-ear headphones

First astonishment, then enlightenment.

The headphones come in a practical small metal box. Inside they are packed again in a color-coordinated mesh bag. Can you use both or each one individually, or none of them. In any case, very practical.
The cable and the attached memory foam attachments are in the selected color, the plug, the headphones and the microphone are in black.
Now for the first sound check. The sound is very clear, no clinking or noise. But I'm missing something. A real bass. The depths are good but have no pressure. At first I tried to play around with the equalizer a bit, but with no real success. Then the solution. The memory foam attachments are apparently too small for my ear canals. So I attached the bigger silicone attachments and now: WOW. Now everything is as it should be. No, even better. Everything clear and clean and a massive bass. The sound is really 1A !.

I haven't tested the microphone yet, but I don't really need it for my application. If I accidentally plugged in the headphones while talking on the phone, I will also deliver that to you.

So now a big plus and advantage of the Ludos headphones. The cable. It is reinforced. Looks like a nylon cable, but feels more like rubber. In any case, it should avoid a permanent annoying excessive involvement. I usually pay attention to charging cables that I order. When I ordered this headphone, I didn't pay any attention to it, but I'm all the more pleased about it.

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The reviews on Amazon

Finally, let's look at reviews from other users on Amazon.
There are currently 290 reviews of the Ludos headphones. Of these, 73% are 5 Stenr ratings and 10% are 4 star ratings. So not bad, an average of 4.4 stars.

The positive reviews also praise the good sound. The bad complain about this. A few poor workmanship. I'll test that, I've only recently started using it. But again about the problem with the sound. Just try another attachment, the memory foam attachments seem to be too small for some, so in-ear models simply don't produce a perfect bass.
LUDOS Comfy memory foam set - ©

Update 1 - Ludos support

Due to the rather moderate sound with the memory foam earpieces, I am writing to the support team to determine whether these attachments are available in larger sizes. Within a few hours I had an Amazon voucher in my inbox to order a LUDOS Comfy memory foam set. You can read in the following paragraph whether the sound gets better with these essays.
Letztes Update: 09.11.2020 09:44