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Mobile tripod with smartphone holder - ©

A smartphone tripod can be very handy if you want to make short videos where you have your hands free, or for a video call. One of many on offer is the smartphone tripod from BaoLuo on Amazon. Find out more about the handy phone tripod here.

Mobile tripod with smartphone holder - ©

Package Content - Mobile Tripod by MTenBo

The tripod comes in a simple plastic box. The following parts are included:
  • The tripod
  • Attachment for the smartphone
  • Bluetooth trigger for Android and iOS
  • hand strap
  • operation manual
Function of the mobile phone status - ©

Function of the mobile phone status

The tripod makes a good first impression of the price. The clamp for the smartphone is easy to install and also the insertion of the mobile phone is easy. The holder is suitable for the smartphones, but it is not suitable for tablets. With a mobile phone inserted, the tripod has a good footing and can be positioned very flexibly.
The remote shutter for the photo function - ©

The remote shutter for the photo function

The handy remote trigger works for the photo function for Android and iOS. We have not tried it, why, you'll find out in the next paragraph. The coupling is supposedly simple and easy.

Unfortunately, quickly broken.

Unfortunately we can not deliver a longer and more detailed test at this point. Why? Unfortunately it broke after a few weeks one of the feet. Inside the foot there is only a rather thin aluminum core, which resembles a hanger. One of these is broken after a few bends at the top. Unfortunately, the smartphone tripod soon returned to Amazon. The refund was fast and easy as always. Meanwhile, we have already found a better substitute. The test will be published soon.
Letztes Update: 11.07.2019 11:32