Review - The LCD eWriter from NEWYES with 8.5 inch

A stylish LCD writing tablet in white with magnet holders

Review - The LCD eWriter from NEWYES with 8.5

A supplier of a large selection of LCD writing boards on Amazon is NEWYES. We ordered an 8.5-inch LCD tablet in white and tested it right away. It offers some features that price-same devices do not offer. The quality and handling of the white eWriter is described in this review.

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Scope of functions of the NEWYES LCD writing tablet

The NEWYES writing board offers everything that is customary at this price. And a little bit more.

The writing tablet by NEWYES has an appealing design and feels good in the hand. With the white frame, it stands out a bit from the standard black of most other LCD eWriters.
The writing board has a curved display or writing surface, similar to the Boogie Board Jot 8.5. Also, the pen has a slightly different shape than most cheap alternatives. It is slightly smaller and round, the thickness is larger at the ends than in the middle and it has a writing tip at both ends. In addition, here also the pin offers an eyelet to possibly attach it to the tablet by means of a cord.

Also, since the tablet itself has an eyelet and the pen holder is attached to the top. The delete button is located in the middle at the bottom and works perfectly. At the lower edge of the case there is a slide switch on this writing board, which prevents the deletion. This prevents unintentional deletion of the content. We find this feature very handy and should not be missing from any LCD eWriter.

On the back, the NEWYES writing tablet has two magnets that allow you to easily attach the tablet to the refrigerator or any other metallic surface. The magnets are also strong enough, in contrast to the model of Funkprofi.

The writing surface of the NEWYES is slightly "finer" than that of other inexpensive writing boards and the writing comes very close to that of an original boogie board. This makes it the first of the cheapest devices to write without pressure. The lines are also a bit thicker, just like the models of Boogie Board.

The enclosed user manual is unfortunately only in Chinese. But I think the function is self-explanatory.

All functions and features at a glance

  • erasable LCD display
  • Delete key
  • supplied stylus with holder on the tablet, pen with eyelet
  • magnetic tape
  • Eyelet on the tablet
  • removable button cell battery
  • very good value for money
  • Manual (unfortunately only in Chinese)
  • Tape protection

These functions are not offered by the NEWYES eWriter

Unfortunately, the NEWYES writing tablet does not offer these functions and is usually only found on the more expensive models
  • Partial deletion of the content
  • Save the content
  • Live transmission of content on PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Use as input device for PC and notebook

The NEWYES writing board in the video

The NEWYES LCD writing board in unboxing. The elegant eWriter was delivered quickly and is also unpacked just as quickly. Handy and very functional.

All features of the NEWYES eWriter in pictures

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The NEWYES writing tablet in the packaging

The eWriter comes protected in plastic and paper.
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The instruction manual of the NEWYES LCD writing board

As already mentioned, the manual offers only Chinese. But it is not a problem, because the function of the eWriter is largely self-explanatory.
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Feine, weiche Linien am NEWYES Display

Die Schreibtafel von NEWYES bietet ein angenehme Schreibgefühlt und macht dem teuren Original von Boogie Board Konkurrenz.
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Der Lösch-Button

Der Knopf zum Löschen des Inhaltes ist dezent am unteren Gehäuserand angebracht. Der Button funktioniert einwandfrei. Der gesamte Inhalt wird zuverlässig gelöscht.
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Löschsperre und Batteriefach

Am unteren Rand befindet sich die Löschsperre und das Batteriefach. Der Deckel des Batteriefaches ist mit einer sehr kleinen Schraube befestigt. Eine Panasonic CR 2016 3V Knopfzelle befindet sich im Inneren.
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Das Gewicht der LCD-Schreibtafel

Mit einem Gewicht von nur 114 Gramm fällt das Tablet in keiner Tasche unangenehm auf.
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Der Zeichenstift

Der Zeichenstift hat an beiden Enden eine Schreibspitze und ist ca. 10,5 cm lang.
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Die Maße der NEWYES Schreibtafel

Der eWriter im Test hat folgende Abmessungen:
  • Gehäuße außen an den breitesten Stellen: 22,4 cm x 14,5 cm
  • Gehäuße außen an den dünnsten Stellen: 21,1 cm x 13,7 cm
  • Schreibfläche an den breitesten Stellen: 17,5 cm x 12,5 cm
  • Schreibfläche an den dünnsten Stellen: 16,6 cm x 11,8 cm
  • Diagonale der Schreibfläche: 21,3 cm
  • Dicke (dickste Stelle) des Gehäuses: ca. 7 mm
  • Durchmesser Stift (dickste Stelle): ca. 9 mm
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