Review - The LED night light from Omeril with battery in the Test

Satisfaction all along the line

LED night light with motion detector OMERIL LED light - 2 pieces - ©

Did not we already have that? Yes, that's right. Until recently these LED night lights were still called Techole and we already have 3 of them in operation. The Omeril LED lights are identical to the already tested LED night lights with the "Techole" label. They are also rechargeable via USB and have a well-functioning motion sensor installed.

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Already tested - here the update to the LED nightlight by Techole / Omeril

The Omeril night lights are not only identical, no, the same cooking card and manual are included. These are even titled with Techole. We do not care, we have been very satisfied with our Techole night lights so far. So satisfied that we ordered two more in this double pack.
For over half a year, these night lights with battery are already in use and so far work perfectly. The battery performance is amazing, felt you only have to recharge it every few months, we really did not measure the time anymore. The battery performance is definitely good enough to keep the frequency of charging in a very tolerable range. If you need to recharge your smartphone every day, you will be able to charge your night lights once a month.

A big advantage of these LED night lights has lately turned out to be a (very small) disadvantage. Due to the variable and simple installation and the very easy dismantling selbiger it happens to us lately again and again that one of the LED night lights is no longer findable. Of course, none of the children can remember which treasure hunt or adventure expedition in the nursery last used light. At some point, however, all night lights have surfaced again.

Now 2 more are used which will hopefully increase the illumination at night.

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OMERIL LED light - ©

Omeril LED Nachtlich with battery - technical data

Here again the technical data of the Omeril LED night light:
  • 12 LEDs white
  • Auto mode, ON mode, OFF mode
  • incl. 3M adhesive tape, magnetic holder
  • USB port for charging
  • simple and versatile assembly
  • Model Number: 978616
  • Dimensions - manufacturer's information: 12 x 3.8 x 1.7 cm
  • Dimensions - measured: 11.9 x 4.35 x 1.6 cm
  • Weight - manufacturer's data: 86.2 grams
  • Amazon ASIN: B07BHNQ9M5
  • Battery capacity: 600 mAh

Omeril 2er Pack Nightlight - Scope of delivery

This is included:
  • 2 LED night lights
  • 2 USB charging cables
  • 3 adhesive strips from 3M
  • 3 magnetic strips with 3M adhesive surface
  • 3 metal strips for installation
  • warranty card
  • operation manual

Unboxing the Omeril LED night light

This time you are allowed to watch us unpacking. For the Omeril LED night lights we made an unboxing video. Here. You're welcome.

OMERIL LED light in 360 degree video

As an additional service, we have also made a 360 degree video of the Omeril LED night light for you, so you can immediately (without buying it) view from all sides.

read this test in german here: Im Test - Das LED Nachtlicht von Omeril mit Akku
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