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Enjoying music without cables

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We have already tested a few in-ear headphones. The Klim Fusion and the Clamour model from Ludos. Both were able to do quite well, but this time a model without a cable was needed. You can read here how the Aikela X10 performs in everyday tests.

Personally, I have long been an advocate of cable technology. For example, in the office I use Sony noise canceling headphones (MDR-ZX770BN) that also work without cables, over 90% use them with cables and without noise canceling because I am just too lazy to charge them all the time. Other reasons for rejecting the wireless headphones (especially for in-ear) were the fear of loss and, above all, the ugly appearance of the Apple Airpods in my opinion.

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Delivery and technical data

As usual, the delivery from Amazon was reliable and fast. The Aikela headphones come in a simple cardboard packaging with a plastic interior and preloaded, not 100%, but sufficient for a spontaneous start-up.
  • IP class: IPX7
  • Touch controls: on / off, play, pause, answer call, reject call, louder / quieter, next / previous song
  • Charge indicator: LED on the case
  • Battery capacity: 3500 mAh (case)
  • connection: -C
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Noise canceling technology: CVC 8.0
  • Running time: up to 140 hours (including charging in the case), up to 3 hours on one battery charge
  • earplugs: Silicone
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Model number: TWS-X10
  • Amazon ASIN: B07WD3HRZS
  • Scope of delivery: 2 earphones, USB-C cable, 3 attachments, operating instructions, transport bag
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The headphones in the test

The Aikela Blutooth headphones were quickly unpacked and ready for the test. The case makes a stable impression and comes preloaded. A point that I find very important.
I think almost everyone who buys a new product wants to try it out right away. So open the case, take out the earplugs and attach the appropriate attachments. I always have to use the largest for optimal sound, but everyone has to try it out for themselves.

Update: The charging case has already survived a few falls.
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Commissioning and Bluetooth pairing

Fast and easy

Pairing with the smartphone via Bluetooth worked quickly, easily and the first time. Simply carry out the steps described in the operating instructions and it should work.
So far I have not had to pair the headphones again, which happens to me with other Bluetooth devices again and again. The headphones disconnect and switch off automatically as soon as you put them in the charging case. Without placing them in the case, you can also switch them off manually by pressing the right earbud for 5 seconds.

If the earplugs are then removed from the case, they automatically switch on again and re-establish the connection. Here the right plug should always be activated first, since this is the main headphone. You can manually activate the earphones again by pressing the respective part for a longer period of 3 seconds.

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The everyday Bluetooth headphones

Aikela does many things right.

I have to admit now. On the way, I have now almost completely switched to the wireless version. By storing them in the charging case, the headphones almost charge themselves and you don't always have to look for a charging cable or a place to charge them.
The sound of the headphones is good and fairly balanced. Audiophile users will surely find something to complain about, for me it is enough for the music or the podcast all the time. The hold in the ear is ok to good. I have to readjust often, but I also have to do that for cable in-ears. So far I have never managed to lose my earplugs on the go. When running or when you put on a hood, I can loosen the earbuds, but in "normal operation" they have a secure hold.

The control via the touch surface works well to very well. sometimes I am too impatient and press a second time, for example if I want to pause the music, it will start again. But all in all, that also fits. The headphones are also "waterproof". I could never or never had to test this property. According to the information, they have protection class IPX7, which means: protected when immersed up to a maximum water depth of 1 meter and a duration of 30 minutes. So you should survive a heavy rain in any case.
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Additional functions of the Aikela Bluetooth headphones

Noise canceling and fingerprint sensor.
According to the product description, the Aikela Bluetooth headphones have both noise canceling and a fingerprint sensor. You shouldn't take it so exactly here. Noise canceling is the "CVC 8.0 Noise Canceling Technology", which I understand should provide better voice quality for calls than offer active noise canceling. What is CVC noise canceling? Find out more about CVC Noise Canceling Technology here What's this?. In my opinion, noise canceling for in-ears is already (almost) sufficient due to its design.

The fingerprint sensor is not used for any security features, but simply to control the earphones (on the earphones) and to activate the charge indicator (on the charging case).

Aikela X10 Bluetooth Headphones - The test verdict

I am satisfied with the headphones on all lines. The practical charging case (which can also be used as a power bank for smartphones etc.) and the simple operation are convincing. Protection against water as a bonus. The headphones are also priced in the "affordable" range and can always be found under Amazon's flash offers. A clear buy recommendation from me.
The volume measurement - Aikela X10 - ©

Update - volume measurement

That we have meanwhile got a sound level meter, we can also provide you with the values for the maximum volume here. Measurements were taken with a Cadrim digital sound level meter and the headphones without silicone attachments with the earplugs directly at the measurement opening. The paired smartphone (a Moto G6 Plus) was set to full volume. It was tested with the following song "Stop Waiting by Infected Rain". The maximum sound level was measured.

Measured max. Sound level: 93.4 dBA

Update 2: Since we take it very precisely, we have measured it again - with a sound level meter from Meterk. Here the results look a little different. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

Measured max. Sound level: 88.5 dBA

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Review - AIKELA X10 - ©

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