Review - Full HD Beamer JMGO N7L - First Experience

Small Full HD projector in an unusual design

Review - Full HD Beamer JMGO N7L - ©

For a long time I was looking for a cheap, small projector with acceptable projection performance. Very important to me was the possibility of a horizontal and vertical keystone correction (keystone correction), because I wanted to stay as flexible as possible at the site. After a long search and many tests, comparisons and above all user reviews on Amazon, I decided against the well-known manufacturers such as BenQ and Acer. The choice fell then on the Full HD Beamer of (let's say ambitious) Chinese Beamer manufacturer JMGO.

The JMGO N7L is very handy and promises a very good price-performance ratio. What I can tell you about this after the first 2 weeks, you read in the first part of this test.

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The bottom of the JMGO N7L projector - ©

Data and facts and scope of delivery of the JMGO N7L projector

Unclear or incorrect information?

But let's start with the technical data of the Full HD (?) Beamers from JMGO.
  • The projector has the following connections on the back:
  • Audio output 3.5 mm jack (S / PDF / headphones)
  • HDMI input
  • Power input
  • USB 3.0
  • Ethernet
  • Service connection
The power button or on / off button is located in the middle of the top The details of the native and maximum supported resolution are unfortunately not clear. The projector is advertised as "Full HD 1080p". In some online shops and on the official page is also a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 specified. In other shops, however, there is the specification of only 1080 x 920 pixels. We have already submitted a request to the support, as it really looks with the native resolution.
  • Dimensions21.3 cm diameter, 4.9 cm height (The information on the product website with 28 cm x 12 cm may not be correct)
  • main chip4-core CPU, 8-core GPU
  • RAM2 GB DDR3
  • Flash memory16 GB eMMC
  • projection technologyDLP (Digital Light Processing)
  • Native resolution1920 x 1080
  • Compatible max. resolution4K
  • brightness700 ANSI lumens
  • contrast3000 : 1
  • Throw ratio1,2 : 1
  • fan noise< 30 db
  • Max. horizontal keystone correction45°
  • Max. vertical keystone correction45°
  • internal speakers2 x 5 watts
  • weight1,2 kg
  • projector lampLED 30 watts
  • Lifespan of the lamp~ 30000 hours
  • operating systemAndroid 4.4
JMGO N7L review - ©

The first impression of the JMG N7L projector

Really "misleading" design

Shortly mentioned: The delivery was as fast and smooth as Amazon. The projector was fast lund undamaged in our office. The beamer itself is safe in his packaging and all parts were available. Please note: there are no batteries for the remote control. (order suitable batteries here)
The projector is made of silver metal and black plastic. The extraordinary design brings the JMGO N7L in my opinion a lot of sympathy points. The device is round, the only control element is mounted on the upper side and the connections are on the back. The projector is considered a vacuum cleaner by many who see it for the first time. At the front bottom there are two adjustable feet. The fan openings are located at the front at the bottom and at the back at the back.

The remote control is comfortable in the hand and has similarities with an Alexa Fire TV remote control.

The projector is in contrast to other devices extremely handy and lightweight.
JMGO N7L review - ©

First commissioning of the beamer

The JMGO N7L in action.

Some comments read that a wrong Steker was delivered, that was not the case with me. The power supply has a European plug and delivers 19 Volt DC at max. 4.74 A. A light press on the power button allows the projector to boot up quickly with the Android operating system. After about 30 seconds, the device is ready for use and provides an overview of the pre-installed apps.
Pre-installed apps:
  • settings
  • HDMI (HDMI input selection)
  • document management
  • Happy Cast
  • Youtube app
  • WebView (browser)
  • WPS Office
  • Apdroid TV (something like Google Play - allows the installation of various Android apps)

JMGO N7L - The settings

The JMGO projector offers a variety of settings

Under the menu item "Settings" are a large selection of settings for the projector. We introduce you to the most important ones.
will follow shortly.

The image quality and image size of the JMGO N7L projector

Good quality and sufficient brightness.

Text follows.

The sound of the JMGO N7L - internal speaker

The internal speakers of the beamer are excellent.

Let's get to the internal speakers of the JMGO projector. Although the sound of internal speakers is getting better and better, these are usually a major criticism of projectors, TVs and monitors. The JMGO has 2 internal speakers with 5 watts each. These can be used for the playback of the projector sound, but also as a Bluetooth speaker, e.g. for the smartphone or similar. That even in standby mode of the beamer.

The 2 loudspeakers do an excellent job, such a good sound hardly anyone would trust the small round Beamer. Highs and lows are excellent and that up to very high volumes. The projector offers a rich surround sound that you probably will not find so quickly with other devices of this price. I'm almost inclined to use the internal speakers instead of my Klipsch bookshelf speakers on the AV receiver. If the projector is halfway in the middle, you can hardly find the origin of the sound.

The sound of the projector is definitely one of the biggest advantages of the JMGO N7L.
backside of the JMGO N7L - ©

The fan of the JMGO N7L

Audible but absolutely acceptable.

An annoying factor with beamers, which does not occur in televisions, is the often quite loud and annoying fan noise. Of course, the JMGO N7L has an audible fan noise, but this is in a very acceptable range. The manufacturer specifies the volume of the fan with less than 30 db. Without having measured that, I think this statement may be correct. If the projector is not right next to one and has a movie is synonymous only at low volume, the noise is barely noticeable.

So the JMGO N7L gets a good rating in this area.

First problems with the projector.

It's not all the best in our review unit

The first problems occur with the JMGO Full HD Beamer, if one wants to fall back on native Android Apps. As an example, the Amazon Prime Video App and the pre-installed Youtube App is addressed here.
Anyone who wants to watch videos on Amazon Prime Video on the JMGO N7L actually has two options. Either install the Prime Video app directly via the Aptoid Tv app or via a Fire TV stick via the HDMI input. Unfortunately, our device has problems with both variants.

First to the installable Prime Video variant
The app is easy to install and can be started. Signing in to Amazon works, movies and series can be selected and start. But that was it, unfortunately. After a few seconds or after clicking on Pause, the app jumps back to the Prime Video Start screen or quits. Even after repeated attempts we could never watch more than a few seconds of a film. Is probably due to the rehct old Android version of the projector (Android 4.4). An update to the last version of the projector software brought no remedy.

Prime Video over Fire TV Stick
Since I did not expect a Beamer-own Amazon video app, my plan anyway was to stream Amazon Prime videos via a Fire TV stick. Simply connect the Fire TV Stick to the HDMI socket on the back. First I tried it with the few centimeters long HDMI extension of the stick. When changing to the HDMI input, unfortunately, then the shock.

When connecting to the HDMI jack, it seems to be a problem. The message "Receive signal" and "End in 10 seconds" alternate. This process takes half a minute to several minutes and then stops.

Next try without the short extension, almost the same game. But, oh joy, after some attempts, the projector switches to the HDMI input and Amazon Prime Video can now enjoy easily. Finally, the attempt on an AV receiver using a stick on the receiver input and HDMI cable from the HDMI output of the receiver to the HDMI input of the beamer. This variant should be the main application in the future, because I want to run multiple sources (Playstation, Google Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, etc.). Here again the same game. Switching to the HDMI input does not work. When trying with a total of six different cables works the connection or the change exactly with a cable and not reliable.

We have an ongoing discussion with JMGO Support and will keep you up to date on any progress.
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