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Handy cell phone utensil

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At one of our recent meetings, a xouxou cell phone collar appeared and we asked ourselves, "Who needs that?" Is it after influencers and other Twitter leg-flowers, apparently some. The price seemed a bit high.

Just looked at Amazon, there are already some alternatives. But 20 euros for such a band, but still a pretty proud price. But there are also alternatives such as a simple phone holder made of silicone with collar. Again, the prices are 8 to 10 euros. So we took a look around the pages of Chinese retailers. There are, firstly, almost xouxou-identical products at reasonable prices, but also the silicone variants by a few euros. Since the shipping is also very cheap, we have ordered one time. Here you read the test.

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Simple, functional, or not?

Simple smartphone gadget

Simple packaging allows the silicone holder to stretch easily and fits any smartphone. We tested it with a Moto G6 Plus and a small Moto X.
With the 6 inch smartphone you have to stretch the band quite a bit, but it works. With the 4.4-inch Moto X it's a bit easier to attach. The tape ansich is then attached to the bracket with a small metal clip. And the smartphone practically dangles around your neck. Yes, losing is a bit more difficult, but I have to say too. The collar is a bit short so that a service here is a bit cumbersome, but possible. So better off the neck.
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