Techole LED night light with motion sensor / USB - A review

No more down the stairs in the dark

To stumble without light through the apartment is already dangerous, if you also have a staircase in the apartment or in the house, the whole is still a step more unpleasant. What helps? There are several ways to prevent this, such as simply switching on the normal lighting. However, my eyes do not like this, because it is very bright.

Very practical but not practical would be to use the existing Hue lighting system from Philips in conjunction with the Amazon Echo and Alexa. Not practicable because the next echo is also a bit further away and firstly not in the middle of the night "ALEXA, TURN ON THE LIGHTNING!" I want to scream through the apartment and secondly I have the turn on the half fall down the stairs hinuter behind me. A Hue motion detector would be an ideal solution, but I would need at least two pieces to cover only the stairs, for the rest of the way to or from the nursery probably a third. Where I would be at a cost of about 100 euros. Not the cheapest option. Therefore, my choice this time fell on a light with built-in battery and motion sensor to about 8 euros of Techole at Amazon. More about it here.

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The link leads to the Omeril night light (it's the same), we have tested it.

Shipping, packaging and delivery

Fast, easy, practical

The shipping was as usual from Amazon, fast and reliable: 2 days from order to delivery (Amazon Prime). The packaging of the product is simple and practical in a small white box. The package contains the night light with movement and twilight sensor, a short description, a QR code registration card, two 3M adhesive strips, a metal plate for the Monatge and a microUSB cable for recharging.
Techole night light side view. USB port and switch (AUTO / OFF / ON). In the background the packaging and the charging cable - ©

Operation and connections


On the side of the night light is the switch for AUTO, OFF and ON and the micro-USB port for charging the night light. The function of the switch should be quite self-explanatory: OFF permanently off for light, ON for light permanently on, and AUTO for automatic light on detection of movement. The car mode works only when the twilight sensor detects that there is insufficient ambient light. Makes sense!

Let there be light!

Bright enlightenment.

The light comes pre-charged and ready to use. It is very bright, by the way. The design is appealing and makes a very high-quality impression despite the low price, although made of plastic. At one end of the nightlight you can see the motion and twilight sensor.

Once charging please!

Better safe than sorry.

Despite pre-charged state, the night light comes first to the charging station. Since a charger is missing you have to use an existing charger with USB port. Should not be a problem anymore. When the light is charged, it lights up red, when it is fully charged, it lights up blue.

Installation and commissioning

Which tape to use.

There are two ways to mount the night light. Hang on a screw or through the magnetic strip. Screw explains itself. I choose the second variant but not quite as described in the description. Standard would be to stick the black magnetic strip to the wall on the wall or wherever and to attach the metal strip to the light with the second adhesive strip. So the night light can then simply be fixed in place and removed for charging. Why do I choose a different species? In this case, I am fortunate that our door frames or door frames are made of metal and I only need to attach the black, magnetic adhesive strip to the light. This also has the advantage that I can place the light as freely as possible on the frame.

The function

The most important thing for last.

So, everything ready. Now the question remains: Does the night light work too? The short answer is "Yes, it does". The more detailed answer: Brightness or darkness for the Auto.Modus is recognized correctly and so activated only in low light conditions. The brightness of the light is very high, here I would like a setting possibility, but is acceptable. I would call the motion detection sufficient and fast. The 10ft (about 3 meters) distance in which the light detects motion I would not quite confirm, but I am quite satisfied with the actual detection (I would say it to 1.5 - 2 meters). Experience with the battery life, there is no, light was mounted yesterday, but is replenished.

Already three pieces in use!

Update after the first weeks.

Meanwhile, we have three of these night lights in use. Two weeks have passed since the first recharge and so far no recharge was needed. The function is also very satisfactory so far. Possibly even more night stations will be purchased, let's see.
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