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Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0

Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 by AlignMed unpacked at the table - ©

Back pain? Bad attitude? To correct this at least partially promises the attitude-correcting shirt of Alignmed (and other products of various companies), which is sold by Anodyne from Denmark.

After countless ads by Anodyne, which were shown to me daily on Facebook, my interest was aroused. When it was up to 20% discount for the company's 3-year anniversary, I almost had to strike. The Posture Shirt 2.0 for men cost so instead of 109 euros "only" still 92.70 euros. Tuesday afternoon I ordered the shirt, Friday morning, the shirt was then already delivered. For shipping and delivery from Denmark to Austria an attractive period.

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Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 by AlignMed packed with flyers - ©

Scope of delivery and packaging

The Alignmed shirt and a lot of information material

Much information, not too much and interesting. A supplement congratulates on the purchase of the product at Anodyne and informs briefly about the manufacturer and use. Another folder presents all the products in the series: the Posture Shirt 2.0, the Alignmed Interactive Bra, the Mylign Pro or the Pro, the SpinalQ Pro, the Interactive Capri Leggings, Gel Shoe Inserts and the Steppie.
Finally there is a flyer in English. After reading this I realized that the manufacturer of the shirt is not Anodyne but Alignmed. Here are all the advantages of the shirt described again. Which would be: pain relief, balance improvement, mobility improvement, better flexibility, faster recovery and better body awareness. Also the special features of the garment are listed again: Neuroband Control inserts, ventilated PowerMesh inserts, lightweight material, non-limiting, moisture-regulating and antibacterial properties.

The shirt is offered in two versions. Normal shirt for putting on and one with full-length zipper at the front for people who are restricted in mobility or who still need to recover injuries or operations. Finally, the dressing of the shirt is described here, which I'll talk more about later.

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Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 by AlignMed laid out at the table

Posture correcting posture shirt with Neuroband technology

Integrated muscle stimulators

Developed and patented by AlignMed, Neuroband Technology is designed to activate and stimulate underlying muscles. These bands are incorporated in the back and shoulder area and help the wearer or the wearer to a better and more upright posture.
But enough from the theory, from practice. After unpacking I put on the shirt and it wears, although it is really tight, very comfortable. One immediately has the feeling that the posture changes a bit. According to the recommendation, you should wear the shirt at the beginning between half an hour and an hour, just until you feel it in the appropriate muscles. The wearing period should then be continuously increased. I then noticed the predicted "pain" after about an hour, but they were not really painful, I just realized: "Something is happening" and I kept the shirt on all day long.

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Posture correcting but undressing with difficulty.

The own immobility in mind.

After wearing the shirt you have to come out again. This turned out to be more difficult than initially thought, but with a little practice, that too can be done. Here also helps well the help video of Anodyne on Youtube.
Before the shirt should land as described with 30 degrees in the washing machine, I unfortunately noticed a small suture defect on the back. Although this was very small and not annoying, with the fear that this could grow with time, I contacted the support and within 2 days I had received a replacement shirt. Until then, I could carry the shirt on without problems, it remained unchanged. Here's a praise for the quick and uncomplicated handling. The return of the first shirt was carried out by means of the included returns receipt, of course, free of charge.

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New AlignMed shirt flawless.

Replacement delivery without problems.

The new shirt was perfect and could therefore be used immediately. Since the start a few days or weeks have passed. Since I have no way to measure my attitude empirically, I can evaluate the effect only by feeling. This feeling is definitely a good one. The shirt is comfortable to wear and you can tell it's "working" in the muscles. I also feel a better attitude when working in front of the computer.
The best thing about the shirt, however, is in one opinion: It also works if you do not wear it. Again and again I catch myself to correct my attitude when I'm zusammengebknscht again before the computer or loitering in front of the TV.

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