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Cheap nebulizer with battery in the Reallife Test

Hylogy inhaler - ©

Who can't remember it from the past? Sweating with a towel over his head over a pot of hot water. I remember it very well. Ultrasonic nebulizers did not exist for home use at this time. You had to go to the doctor for such inhalation methods. Today, there are nebulizer devices at very low prices to buy at amazon or your local shops. Anyone with children who are susceptible to respiratory disease will quickly become friends with one of these devices. At least that's how it was with us. Before this autumn / winter we have upgraded again.

For about 5 years, we have a (or another one) inhaler in use, the IH50 from Beurer. When we first needed an inhaler, we lended a Pari Boy from a pharmacy. We were then excited about the small and, above all, quiet inhaler from Beurer. We will provide a detailed review of the Beurer inhaler here soon. Since it was time again to order spare parts for the Beurer Inhaltor, we opted for an alternative. After a long earch and reading reviews we choose the ultrasonic nebulizer Hylogy from BrVision. The price of this inhaler is about the same as of the Beurer Yearpack on Amazon.

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Well packaged - the packaging of the Hylogy Nebilizer

Reduced and stylish packaging, model MD-H17

Even cheap products are delivered in attractive packaging nowadays. So does the Hylogy inhaler. The small size of the packaging also suggests the handy size of the inhaler. Cut the plastic, slide the slipcase out of the case and open the cardboard box.

Hylogy Inhalator - The contents of the package

Everything you need for a convinient inhalation

So what's delivered?
  • The inhaler itself, of course
  • A USB cable for charging the inhaler
  • 2 face masks (one for children, one for adults)
  • A mouthpiece for the nebulizer
  • Warranty card, manual and legal information
Hylogy inhaler - ©

The Hylogy inhaler in use

Cleaning and charging before the first use.

The inhaler came with a pre-charged battery. We charged it for about 10-20 minutes until it was fully charged. A steady green power button indicates that the charging process is complete. During the charging process the green light flashes. The charger connection is located at the bottom of the rear of the inhaler and is protected by a rubber strap.
Then clean the face mask and the container and you're ready to go. The liquid cup of the inhaler can be easily removed. By a pressure on the back of the latch is released and the container can be easily pulled off the top. The lid / closure of the container can also be very easily removed. After that fill in the inhalation solution and close it again.

After we solved the dispute, which kid can use the new inhaler and which has to go with the "old" one from Beurer, we were ready to inhale. So one thing this inhaler can do: nebulize! The amount of steam is much higher than that of the comparison devices.

The children are certainly excited about the new device. New brooms are better.

You should also note the slider, which you can push over the illuminated power button. It should also protect against accidental turning off or on the inhalee. But there is another big advantage. It is possible to "nebulise" toddlers, who do not like to inhale, during their sleep. We did this with our Beurer from time to time, but we had to cover the bright blue light.

I almost forgot that the nebulizer has a rechargeable battery and so the annoying battery replacement is no longer necessary.

Update: After 4 months in continuous use

The ultrasonic nebulizer from Hylogy has been in use for over 4 months now. And the inhaler is very busy. It is also not treated very kindly by the kids. We clean the inhaler regularly with mild detergent or soap. At the beginning, we also boiled the removable parts, everything survived without any problems. We'll update you again next winter or if something is broken. So stay tuned.

A round-about video of the inhaler on Youtube

Here's a video that shows you the Hylogy inhaler from all angles. So you can examine the product before a purchase, if you like it to. About the function we have already sufficiently reported.
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