Test - SIMBR inhaler / nebulizer with mask - experience

Good nebulizer with small weaknesses from SIMBR

After switching from the Beurer inhaler to cheaper models, we have now decided to use the second device for the SIMBR inhaler. After the previously ordered ultrasonic nebulizer by Pipshell has unfortunately stopped working very fast (refund from Amazon worked fine again), so had a replacement ago. Incidentally, the Hylogy inhaler is still doing its job well.

But now right to the inhaler of SIMBR presented here. It has about the same size as the Hylogy device, a little narrower and higher. He also has a flap to cover the switch. The charging socket is attached to the bottom (DC IN 5V 1A).

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The SIMBR inhaler comes with bag

Practical bag and 2 masks inclusive

The inhaler brings all smit what you need for daily use. 2 inhalation masks in 2 different sizes for children and adults. A charging cable and practical pocket for safekeeping and travel.

The inhaler from SIMBR in use

After a first cleaning and a short recharge, we start immediately.

The inhaler is pleasantly quiet, easy to fill and quick to charge.
In terms of function, it is not inferior to the Hylogy inhaler, with the same capacity, it also needs about the same time for inhalation. He has a small disadvantage, however, compared to his domestic competitors. The container can not be separated from the housing, so the cleaning a bit more difficult, because you have to hold the whole unit under the water pipe. So far this works fine and the device has not taken any damage. Provided you make sure that the water hits only the container and not the device itself.

A round-about video of the SIMBR inhaler on Youtube

Here is a video that shows you the SIMBR inhaler from all sides. So you can examine the product before a purchase, if you like it too. About the function we have already sufficiently reported.
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