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Faster fall asleep and better sleep promises the startup from Berlin

We were provided with a 7-bottle test pack from the manufacturer free of charge. Of course, that does not affect our rating in any way.

The sleep drink from from Berlin suits me just fine. Everyday life with 2 children and often more than 2 projects at the same time leaves its mark. Only good and regular sleep help in the long term with such burdens. Proven phytochemicals and melatonin to help me so the next 7 days to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed. I'm curious. The main responsible for good sleep, melatonin, have probably heard many in the context of sleep. Melatonin is a hormone produced from serotonin in the pineal gland and is responsible for the day-night rhythm in the human body. uses exactly this messenger substance. Each vial contains 1mg of melatonin. If and how the 7 portions of sleep drink helped, you'll find out in this review. in practice test - ©

What is inside a vial

Melatonin and natural "sleeping pills"

In addition to melatonin,'s sleep drink also contains sour cherry juice (which is responsible for the distinctive taste), lemon balm extract (50mg per serving), passion flower extract (50mg per serving), hop condiment extract (35mg per serving), agave syrup, water and the preservative potassium sorbate ,
One serving contains 5.4 grams of carbs, 0.03 grams of fat (no saturated fat), 0.3 grams of fiber, and 0.2 grams of protein. The drink is vegan, gluten free and lactose free.

Many of these ingredients may have been heard by some in connection with sleep aids. The composition really promises a sleep-promoting effect.

The packaging or presentation of the drinks

Sleep with style

The packaging is very stylish and hip. You have to leave that to the creators of The package has a magnetic closure and can be opened and closed very easily. The individual bottles in the Minifomat are made of plastic and each has its own space allocated in the 7-piece pack. The only small criticism on my part is the closure of the individual bottles. Although the small metal closure has a plastic cover, you can still open the vial and close it again without removing the plastic cover. But probably that only bothers me anyway.
The back of the pack - ©

The taste of

Positive surprise

The first sip tastes good. Something is not always the case with functional drinks and the like. The sour cherry is very dominant, but not too intrusive and since taste is subjective anyway, everyone has to judge for themselves.
At any rate, it tastes good to me. Unfortunately, such a small bottle is empty very quickly. Due to the good taste, the portion could be a bit bigger. The sleep drink should be taken about 30 minutes before going to bed. This is what I have done on every test day.

The effect of

From theory to practice.

You can get detailed information on the effect of the individual ingredients of on the product website and on countless pages on the Internet. I will not go into that here.
So now directly to the practice and the effect of the sleeping drink of On the first and second day I fell asleep very well after taking it, the sleep was felt good. Unfortunately, the children had something against a sleep without interruption. At least I imagine that I fell asleep quite quickly after the disturbances. On the morning of the first and second day of testing, I felt quite relaxed.

I really wanted to spend day 3 of the test without As I had a long time to work that evening, I thought I would fall asleep so fast. But that was not the case and I was awake in bed for at least an hour. So get out again and take a vial to me. Lo and behold, a few minutes later I was already in the land of dreams. Either sometimes it works faster or I was already tired enough. Who knows.
Nights 4-7 were good, but did not really bring any new insights.

So now the hard part of this test: Does it really work? I would say yes. But since I can not really judge how Schalf would have been without, a clear judgment is probably not possible. I think it definitely had a positive effect on my sleep. At least it had no negative effects and that's not unimportant.

Does also have disadvantages?

No disadvantages noted

I could not find any negative effect. A small but probably not undecidable point is the rather high price of currently almost 3 euros per bottle. For a permanent application that's too expensive for me. Such a vial now and then in times of high stress, but I can imagine.
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