Test - Medisana RM 100 FFP2 / KN 95 Respiratory Protection mask

certified mouthguard in the everyday test

medisana RM 100 FFP2/KN 95 Respiratory Protection mask Dust mask - ©

After testing two different mouth and nose protective masks that we ordered directly from China, this time we ordered an FPP2 mask directly from Amazon, which also has a readable and real decifact comes. The Medisana RM 100 respirator of the class FFP2 / KN 95 is not cheap. You can find out whether it is worth the money in this test.

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medisana RM 100 FFP2/KN 95 Respiratory Protection mask Dust mask - ©

Tested and CE certified

Let's get to the most important thing right away: The masks have CE certification in accordance with the EN 149: 2001 and + A1: 2009 standards in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/425 for personal protective equipment. The certificates are also included.
The masks filter 95% of all particles in the air. The certification corresponds to the category FFP2 / KN 95 and consists of spunbond, meltbond and nonwoven. The pack contains 10 pieces of mouth and nose protective masks, which are individually packaged. The enclosed certificates - © The masks also have the advantage of that they do not have a valve and thus protect the wearer and people in the vicinity. The masks have a nose clip for shape adjustment and ear loops. So they can be easily adapted to the shape of the face.

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medisana RM 100 FFP2/KN 95 Respiratory Protection mask Dust mask - ©

Advantages and disadvantages

+ Certification
+ individually packed
+ FFP2 protection class
+ not an overly strong odor
+ felt good protection

- quite high price
- Attention: only buy from recommended sellers on Amazon!

Analysis of Amazon ratings

The ratings are very good, with over 70% giving the Medisana mouthguard a 5-star rating. There are also some 1 and 2 star ratings, but these mostly refer to apparently fake masks from other providers.
However, an evaluation (from bst) that goes into details of the packaging etc. is very interesting. Differences between masks supplied by EvoFit are pointed out here. We have sent an inquiry to Medisana and the seller and are waiting for an answer.
Update 8/25/2020: We have now received a response from the provider EvoFit (within a few hours, so very exemplary) - see below.
Update 8/27/2020: We have also received an answer from the manufacturer in the meantime, you can also find this together below.

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medisana RM 100 FFP2/KN 95 Respiratory Protection mask Dust mask - ©

Our Rating

RM 100 FFP2 respirator
The most important thing about a face mask is fulfilled. There is certification and the masks are individually wrapped. The masks also have no unpleasant odor and sit very well. When you inhale, you notice how the mask contracts so that the air enters through the filter material and does not enter unfiltered at the edges. The price is quite high, but if the filtering also takes place according to the class, this price is common at the moment. We give the Medisana mouthguard a "Very Good" with a minimal deduction for the price.
Brand / Manufacturer: Medisana
Our rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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We would like to point out that we have not tested the mask in a laboratory, so we cannot make any statements about the actual filter performance. Only comfort, workmanship and the like were assessed.

Buy the Medisana RM 100 mask at here
Update: Answer from the provider regarding product originality
Answer to our inquiry regarding deviations on the packaging and deviations in the imprint on the masks or the lot number. According to the provider, there are also within a lot no. Changes that are not relevant to the product, which have also been agreed with the authorities and approved by the responsible district government. According to the information, the goods are flawless and confirmed with a 5 year certificate from the notified body CE 2834 CCQS.

Update: Answer from the manufacturer regarding product originality
He has also replied to us in the meantime and also assures us that the masks bought at Amazon via EvoFit are tested original goods. The deviations can be explained by a change in the printing template.

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