Test - sleeping on the Casper pillow

Casper wishes a good night

von Max Tschürik am 20.10.2017

Test - sleeping on the Casper pillow - ©

There is nothing more important than sleep. Healthy and restorative sleep is one of the most important topics right now. In addition to the mattress, the environment, the matching bed and of course the matching bed neighbor, there is of course the pillow.

The pillow is essential for most people. If it is too hard, too soft, it must be big and thick or rather small and narrow - of course there are only personal answers.

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Order works perfectly

But when it comes to testing headcups - there is also my personal opinion. I ordered a pillow from Casper (who is famous for her mattress). I have to say - the website and ordering has worked 1A. Without Schnick-Schnack I had the order through and the confirmation in my inbox.
Test - sleeping on the Casper pillow

Mixture of firm and soft

Ich habe mir für das 40 x 80 cm Kissen entschieden. Grund dafür war, dass ich diese extrem großen und dicken Kopfpolster eher vermeiden mag. Ich schlafe ja tendenziell am Bauch und somit ist ein kleinerer bzw. schmalerer Kopfpolster angenehmer. Auch für mich sehr entscheidend ist, dass das Kissen eine Mischung aus fest und weich ist. Fest, weil ich gerne einen definierten Halt für meinen Kopf beim einschlafen habe. Weich, weil es nach einem langen Arbeitstag nichts Schöneres gibt als das einsinken im Kopfpolster beim einschlafen.

Quality already at the packaging

The order came to me after 2 days. Top - this is how I imagine online shopping. You can already see from the packaging that Casper is serious about quality. The box is high quality, the outer packaging of the pad as well. Also, the enclosed card with the saying "Smart head - clever pillow" I personally found super-nice.
A first test bed of the head on the pillow on the desk was promising. The desired "hardness-soft" - mixture was present in any case. The quality of the upholstery (fabric, seams, etc.) and the workmanship is high quality and thus remains a very good first overall impression.

The first night was a change. Since I am very sensitive, as far as the pillow was concerned, I was not sure after the first night. The first few minutes of falling asleep were unfamiliar and briefly caused me to doubt. The high quality is definitely still noticeable, but the old-established upholstery has already "fallen asleep". Does not help - but you also have to be open for new things - especially if they are as soft as the Casper cushion.

Conclusion after the first night: I slept great. The pillow has pleasantly supported my sleep throughout the night. I had neither the feeling that there is a dents or that there is a heat development in the head. Neck pain that I get, for example, in the hotel room with bad pillows - luckily there were none. Remains to say: the first impression of the pillow is very good. The pillow has convinced me and that began honestly even with the uncomplicated order to the first uncomplicated night. I wish you all a good night - I throw myself on my pillow - the second night! Sleep well!

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